What you need so that we can agree to buy your clothes

Before we can agree to buy your clothes, we’ll need some information from you.
Here’s what you’ll need in order to send this information to us.

A mobile phone or camera

If we’re interested in the clothes you’re selling, we’ll ask you to take some photographs of them in groups.  You can do this by laying them out on the floor and taking photos with your mobile phone.

Bathroom or kitchen scales

We’ll need you to tell us the weight of each size of clothes you have.  We’ll also need you to weigh all of the clothes together. This is so we can tell our courier what weight the parcel is.

If you don’t have any scales, then take a look at our how to weigh your clothes page for another clever way of doing this.

What you need so you can package your clothes for collection

We’ll arrange a courier to collect your clothes.  To make sure your clothes are safe on their journey to us, you’ll need the following items.

A strong cardboard box or several strong, good quality black dustbin sacks

Please put your clothes in a strong cardboard box, if you have one.

If not, you’ll need to put all your clothes in two or three good quality black dustbin sacks – double bagged at least.  The thicker the wall of the dustbin sacks, the better.

Do not send your clothes in thin or single dustbin sacks.  If your bags rip in transit, you will not be paid for lost items.

Strong packing or sticky tape

You will need strong tape to not only close seal the box or close the opening on your dustbin sack, but also wrap your parcel.

Once your clothes are in the box or sack, wrap the whole parcel in tape (round and round in different directions).  This will protect it against bumps and scrapes and means that even if the bag tears, your clothes shouldn’t fall out.

Please do not use normal sticky tape – this is not strong enough.

Optional - A printer to print the shipping label

We’ll arrange a courier to collect your clothing from you.  To do this, they will need a shipping label to be printed out and stuck to the parcel.

We will send you the label attached to an email.  You will need to print it out and stick it on.

If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry.  The courier can print the label when they arrive, all you will need to do is write the address on a piece of paper and stick it to your parcel.

Ready to start selling to us?

If you’re ready to sell second hand children’s clothes to us, then all you need to do is fill out a simple form to get things started.