We'll pay for your clothes based on size and weight

We buy clothes that meet our Quality Standards in all girls and boys sizes from newborn up to 13 years.  The price we will pay is based on the weight of each size of clothes you send us.

We’ll pay you by bank transfer, PayPal or in store credit.  If you choose store credit, you’ll get 25% more for your clothes.

The prices we pay

For these sizes...

Clothes and shoes in sizes from Tiny Baby up to 12-13 Years (including clothes with the size 13 Years)

We will pay...

£4.00 per kg of clothes

if we pay you by bank transfer or PayPal

Or, we will pay...

£5.00 per kg of clothes

if we pay you in store credit

For these sizes...

Clothing over 13 Years, any personalised items, any school clothes featuring the name of the school and any non-wearable baby & children’s items

We do not buy these items

If you send any of these sizes or items, we will not pay for them at all.

When will you be paid?

Once you’ve confirmed what clothes you have and how much they weigh, we’ll send you an offer for your clothes.  If you’re happy with that offer, we’ll then arrange (and pay for) a courier to come and collect the clothes from you.

The courier will deliver them to us and we will then check the items as quickly as we can.  This normally takes around 10 days.

Once we’ve finished checking your clothes, we’ll pay you a final amount based on the sizes, quality and weight of the clothing which were delivered to us.

Please note: due to Coronavirus, we are currently keeping all deliveries in quarantine for 7-days after they arrive.  This means the checking of all clothes and the making of all associated payments will be delayed by the same amount of time. 

This delay is being taken to protect ourselves and our customers.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We might pay you less than our original offer

If something is wrong with the clothes you send us, or you ask us to help you package your items, we might reduce the amount we pay you for your clothes.

We ask that you read and agree to our Terms & Conditions of Purchase which provides full details of what you will be paid and when.

The deductions we might make

If our courier makes three failed collection attempts and we agree to arrange another courier. We will deduct the cost of the second courier collection from the amount we pay you.

If you send us clothes that are not in good condition. We'll only pay you for the weight of the clothes that do meet our Quality Standards.

If more than 25% of the total weight of clothes and shoes you send us does not meet our Quality Standards, we will deduct the equivalent percentage of the courier fees from the price we pay you.

If you send clothes that aren't in the sizes you indicated when we quoted a price, we will pay you at the stated rate for the sizes you have sent us.

If you send clothes which are in larger sizes or which include items we don't sell. We'll reject these items and pay only for the weight of items we do accept.

If the clothes delivered to us weigh less than you told us they did. We'll reduce the amount we pay you to the price for the actual weight of your clothes.

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