Selling your clothes to us: step 1

To start selling your clothes, complete the form below and we’ll get in touch to let you know if we’re currently buying the sizes you have to sell.

We use a simple Five Step Selling Process which you can read about on our How It Works page.

I am NOT currently buying the following sizes...

Boys Newborn
Boys 0-3 Months
Boys 3-6 Months
Boys 6-9 Months

Girls 0-3 Months
Girls 3-6 Months
Girls 6-9 Months

I am buying all other sizes at the current time, plus Christmas jumpers and outfits and winter coats and pramsuits in all sizes.

    Note: we require an absolute minimum of 50 items in order to buy your clothes

    As indicated in our Terms and Conditions of Purchase, please be aware that any clothes which are sent to us which are not in sizes we are looking to buy or which do not meet our Quality Standards will not be paid for and will not be returned to you unless you pay for a courier to collect them from our premises.

    Got a question?

    If you have a question about selling to Katie’s Kids Clothes, please email us and we will reply as quickly as possible.