Our Quality Standards

If you sell your clothes and shoes to us, you must check that they meet our Quality Standards.  If you send us clothes or shoes which do not meet these standards, we will not pay you for them.

Your clothes and shoes must not be dirty and must have been washed since they were last worn

Your clothes should have no stains or marks of any kind. Shoes should have reasonable wear and not be scuffed or damaged.

Your clothes should not have missing or broken buttons or poppers. Shoes should not have missing laces or worn fastenings.

Your clothes must not have missing or broken zips or fasteners

Your clothes and shoes should have no holes, rips or tears (including in the seams)

Your clothes and shoes should not be noticeably worn or faded (including on the knees and seat)

Your clothes should not be bobbled

Your clothes and shoes should not be stretched, misshapen or show signs of heavy wear

We also do not buy: socks; personalised clothing; school uniforms which feature school names, logos, emblems or motifs; any clothing with a date on it that is not current; or non-wearable baby or children's items

Please be honest about the quality of your clothes

If you do not check your clothes before you send them to us, or you deliberately send us clothes that are poor quality, we will not pay you for them.  We will deduct their value from the price we pay.

We also won’t pay to return rejected items to you.

Full details of our Quality Standards and why they matter can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

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